Global Measurement Data Management: Version 0.7 of openMDM 5 has been published

The openMDM Eclipse Working Group has published version 0.7 of the openMDM 5 framework. openMDM 5 is a kit of software components, which can be used to compose web-based applications for measurement data management systems. The source code as well as an installation guide for a demo environment are available as download under the so-called MDM|BL project, hosted by the Eclipse Foundation.

The current version of openMDM 5 already has a number of interesting features:

  • Connection of several ODS data sources at the same time (the sources can be distributed).
  • Navigation (Browsing) in the connected ODS data sources (up to level AO_Measurement).
  • Display of meta data in detail view (view can be customized).
  • Attribute-based search across all connected ODS data sources. All the data objects and attributes available in the application model are available for the user to define search queries.
  • Full text-based search across all connected ODS data sources. The search results of the full text search can be filtered with the defined values and operators of the attribute-based search.
  • Distinction between global (cross-source) and local (source-specific) search attributes.
  • Display the search results in list views. The user can configure which attributes he would like to see in the result table.
  • Shopping Basket: Collection of data objects for the later execution of actions. The data objects come either from the navigation tree or from the search result list. It is possible to store different Shopping Baskets in the system or to load exported Shopping Baskets into the system.
  • Display and storage of the ASAM ODS path of selected data. The ASAM path can be used for direct access to the data with other ODS compliant applications.
  • Storage of user-specific search queries.
  • Storage of user-specific list views.

Data import/export functions based on openMDM 5 are not yet available. However, existing openMDM 4 importer/exporter for different data formats can be used as a temporary solution.

Interested customers and partners can request a prepared, easy-to-install demo system from Peak Solution.

Currently, further API improvements are in development at Peak Solution. The plan is to release openMDM 5 version 1.0 in October/November 2017.



Peak Solution at Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart 2017

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Enhancement of the openMDM® 5 Web Client

The openMDM® EWG (Eclipse Working Group) published a web-based prototype client for navigating and searching in test data in the middle of 2016. In December 2016, Peak Solution began to expand this client on behalf of BMW. The goal is to prepare openMDM® 5 for productive use at BMW Group.

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How to document tests in a standardized way

In order to be able to find measurement data quickly even after a long time and to interpret and compare it unambiguously for different purposes, it is necessary to precisely document the context in which they were created. With the help of templates, this can be standardized across team and department boundaries.

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Standardization and transparency in the test environment

Measurement data must be quickly retrievable, comparable and interpretable for different purposes and by different persons even after a long time. Companies can only achieve this by precisely documenting under which conditions (= context) the respective measurement data have been created. Conclusion 1: Transparency on test data becomes problematic, if measurement files are stored on the hard disk of a local computer or server just based on individually selected names without a detailed description.

That´s why the market offers a whole series of software tools with which this file-based storage of measurement data can be better organized.

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openMDM® 5 Full-Text Search – Technology Proposal

An important function of openMDM® 5 is the full-text search. It allows test engineers to find measurements based on arbitrary search terms and without knowing the exact location.

When choosing a suitable platform, Peak Solution investigated the two servers SolR and ElasticSearch in detail. This article gives a brief overview on how their features match with the requirements of the openMDM® 5 Eclipse Working Group and what recommendation was given.

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Management of measurement data in motor development at DAF Trucks N.V.

Looking for an efficient solution for the management of measurement data in motor development, DAF Trucks N.V. has decided to count on openMDM®. The decisive factor was, that openMDM® is an open, manufacturer-independent software platform that enables its users to implement domain specific measurement data management solutions economically and in a forward-compatible way. In addition, the software is based on the ODS standard (Open Data Service) of the ASAM (Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems, The generic data model of ODS provides DAF Trucks with a reliable and at the same time flexibly expandable basis for the long-term usability and comparability of test data.

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