Peak Advanced Search: Gain more information from the existing measurement channels in ASAM ODS

A widely used standard for the persistent storage of measurement data is ASAM ODS. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers use it primarily to set up comprehensive data management solutions for different measurement systems and data formats. In this way, they make test data usable in the long-term, regardless of the tools of individual vendors. Generally in such solutions, the search for certain measurements bases on descriptive information, the so-called metadata.

To gain more information from the existing measurement channels, Peak Solution has developed the Peak Advanced Search.

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Peak (Test) Data Transfer Tool: Basis for implementing a central “Measurement Data Hub”

With Peak (Test) Data Transfer Tool (short: PeakDTT), Peak Solution offers a generic command line tool that convert measurement data and metadata of certain data sources into a defined data target within the scope of different processes. Currently the tool provides plugins for the following data formats: ATF, ATFx, ODS, MDF4 and ISOMME. Of course, users can add additional plugins for application-specific source and target formats at any time if required.

By means of configurable mechanisms it is e.g. possible to map the different data structures of the connected source systems to a uniform ODS application model. In this way, test field manager can easily implement a central and standardized “measurement data hub” for several measuring systems of different vendors. The following figure gives an overview:

Peak Data Transfer Tool

Figure 1: Converting test data from multiple sources to a central ASAM ODS based data hub

Using the Peak ODS server, various ODS clients can subsequently access the measurement data uniformly and interpret it correctly. In addition, the Peak (Test) Data Transfer Tool can be used to exchange application models between different ODS applications via ATFx.


Big Data Extension for Peak ODS Server

Peak Solution provides an extension for Peak ODS Server (PODS), which is suited for accessing and processing measurement data stored in Parquet files. In its latest technology proposal for Big Data, ASAM has recommended this format as appropriate for storing mass data.

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New reporting module for Peak Test Management Suite

Peak Solution has extended the Peak Test Management Suite (PeakTMS) with a lightweight module for generating test reports. With PeakTMS, a wide range of test tasks can be centrally planned, prepared and tracked. You can find more information about PeakTMS here.

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Peak Solution publishes Peak ODS Server 3.0

Many automotive manufacturers and suppliers all over the world have used the Peak ODS Server for many years as a powerful backbone for ODS-based applications. Now, Peak Solution has released version 3.0 of the software. By that, Peak ODS Server also supports the current ASAM Standard ODS 6.0. This provides, among other things, an optimized API for accessing measurement data as well as a notification service for the synchronization of distributed ODS servers.

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Peak Test Management Suite: A platform for managing global tests

The efficient performance of tests plays a decisive role in vehicle development. Test stand automation and virtualization are important for this, but they are not longer enough. Especially in global acting enterprises a powerful management system is required that overcomes rigid departmental boundaries and gets the complexity of the test processes under control.

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Global Measurement Data Management: Version 0.7 of openMDM 5 has been published

The openMDM Eclipse Working Group has published version 0.7 of the openMDM 5 framework. openMDM 5 is a kit of software components, which can be used to compose web-based applications for measurement data management systems. The source code as well as an installation guide for a demo environment are available as download under the so-called MDM|BL project, hosted by the Eclipse Foundation.

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