Big Data Extension for Peak ODS Server

Peak Solution provides an extension for Peak ODS Server (PODS), which is suited for accessing and processing measurement data stored in Parquet files. In its latest technology proposal for Big Data, ASAM has recommended this format as appropriate for storing mass data.

Of course, the solution can use other storage technologies (e.g. Avro, HBase, etc.) as well. Basis for the implementation is Apache Spark, which is today widely used in the Big Data World.

Everything related to metadata processing can take place both, within the classical Peak ODS Server based on Oracle, MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL and on Big Data clusters using JSON or other file formats. Even a split of the metadata between the classical infrastructure and the Hadoop ecosystem is possible. Basis for this is Apache Drill, a powerful SQL engine for distributed computation.

The flexibility of the solution opens up a wide range of possibilities for companies to implement high performance architectures and integrated tool chains that suit their requirements for processing and analyzing large amounts of measurement data.


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