Peak Solution publishes Peak ODS Server 3.0

Many automotive manufacturers and suppliers all over the world have used the Peak ODS Server for many years as a powerful backbone for ODS-based applications. Now, Peak Solution has released version 3.0 of the software. By that, Peak ODS Server also supports the current ASAM Standard ODS 6.0. This provides, among other things, an optimized API for accessing measurement data as well as a notification service for the synchronization of distributed ODS servers.

ASAM ODS version 5.x knew only the communication protocols CORBA and RPC. These communi-cation protocols are technically outdated and poorly supported by newer development tools. There-fore, ASAM decided to extend ODS by the widely used Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) as well as Google’s Protocol Buffers (Protobuf). This new API is much easier to use for developers of ODS-based solutions. Furthermore, Peak Solution provides a detailed documentation of the API, including application examples.

In addition, Peak ODS Server 3.0 has a new ODS 6.0 compliant notification service. This enables the ODS server to send messages to clients or other ODS servers when ODS data is created, modified, or deleted. It is also possible to send a notification when the ODS data model or the access rights for individual ODS data objects are changed. By that, several ODS servers that are distributed worldwide can be synchronized.

Another enhancement in Peak ODS Server 3.0 is “nested queries”, which means that complex data access can be created in a much more efficient and high-performance way. At the same time, the management of MDF 4 files (Measurement Data Format) in ODS was improved.

On the top of that, the flexible license model of the Peak ODS Server is even more convenient to use in version 3.0: One license server is used to centrally manage user licenses for several Peak ODS servers. This allows concurrent user licenses to be shared between multiple ODS server instances. Thus, companies can deploy their existing licenses more flexibly and utilize them in a better way.


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