Peak Test Management Suite: A platform for managing global tests

The efficient performance of tests plays a decisive role in vehicle development. Test stand automation and virtualization are important for this, but they are not longer enough. Especially in global acting enterprises a powerful management system is required that overcomes rigid departmental boundaries and gets the complexity of the test processes under control.

Against this background, Peak Solution has started the implementation of a new software generation for the control of test processes. Under the name “Peak Test Management Suite (PeakTMS) proven components and functions of existing Peak Solution products, such as the Peak Resource Planner and the Peak Test Data Manager, are currently being integrated to a holistic, web-based application. In further steps, established tools from other manufacturers will supplement the solution.

The application allows user to define, plan, order and track various types of test tasks. Examples are the procurement of components, the construction of test vehicles, the calibration of test equipment, the execution of tests and the analysis of measurement results. Customizable templates and automatisms support the test manager in his work. Defined workflows ensure that individual process steps are bindingly implemented and seamlessly interlinked. The resulting information, e.g. test plans, test descriptions and parameters, measurement data, test results as well as process data are centrally managed and can be analyzed and evaluated flexibly. Overall, the modern architecture of the solution enables the creation of a global, cross-departmental information system.

Peak Solution has presented the current state of the Peak Test Management Suite at this year’s Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai.


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