ASAM ODS goes Big Data

The ASAM e.V. is currently working on a project that prepares the expansion of ASAM ODS to Big Data. Phase 1 of the project was finished successfully last year with a collection of use-cases, features and non-functional requirements of end users for processing large amounts of data throughout the automotive development process. Now, ASAM Technical Steering Committee (TSC) has approved phase 2 of the project.

The goal of phase 2 is to make specific recommendations to extend or modify the ASAM ODS standard with respect to Big-Data enabled mass data storage and data processing technologies.

The working group does not intend to determine specific Big Data technologies. It solely stipulates HDFS as distributed file system. However, to ensure the interoperability of the interface with different Big Data implementations, the members of the working group plan to define a so-called Processing Access Layer (PAL). The PAL specifies data objects and methods for accessing and processing measurement and context data. The interface shall be compliant to ASAM ODS 6.0.

Furthermore, the working group wants to investigate storage techniques that are suitable for implementing high-performance processing and analysis algorithms running in a scalable computing cluster. This will particularly include a closer look on how measurement and context-data shall be stored within a HDFS system.

The plan is to carry out the necessary work between April and December 2017. Currently, ASAM calls for offers from its members to support the project group. It requires technical consulting in the technology areas of HDFS and distributed data processing. Additionally, the service provider must prepare technical concept proposals for the group’s discussions, support the discussions with his technical expertise, demonstrate the feasibility of concepts by implementing prototypes and document discussion results. It is expected that the work is primarily based on an existing ASAM ODS Server.

The results of phase 2 form the basis for the specification work, which takes place in phase 3 of the project in 2018.


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