ASAM e.V. has released ODS 6.0

The ASAM ODS base standard in version 5.x offers clients access to ODS servers by means of CORBA and RPC. Since these communication protocols are technically outdated and either badly or not supported by newer development tools, version 6.0 of ASAM ODS now additionally provides a streamlined API.

Basis for the new API is the standardized and widespread Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for transport and Google´s Protocol Buffers (Protobuf) for serialization. Protobuf provides a syntax and a semantic to specify structured data and a toolchain for a variety of programming languages to serialize such structured data for an efficient transport over a network.

The new API specifies all the necessary request methods (and responses they may return) for writing and reading ODS objects, including the corresponding header fields, response codes and Protobuf messages transported in the body of the requests and responses.

The specification is intended for implementers of ASAM ODS solutions and shall be used as a technical reference. It is complemented by a set of examples demonstrating how to use the methods to access all data stored in compliance with ASAM ODS.

In addition, ODS 6.0 now also provides a standardized notification mechanism for events. By that, an ODS server can send messages to a client or to another server when ODS instances are created, changed or deleted, when the application model is changed or when the rights of a data object are changed. There are two different operation modes: Client polls the server for (the next) events or server pushes the events to the client.

Peak Solution has already begun to implement the specification for ODS 6.0 in the Peak ODS Server (see here). Completion of the work is planned by the end of April 2017.

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