Enhancement of the openMDM® 5 Web Client

The openMDM® EWG (Eclipse Working Group) published a web-based prototype client for navigating and searching in test data in the middle of 2016. In December 2016, Peak Solution began to expand this client on behalf of BMW. The goal is to prepare openMDM® 5 for productive use at BMW Group.

The following parts of the openMDM® 5 GUI are affected by the enhancement:

  • Navigator: The Navigator provides the possibility to browse the openMDM® data stock. The main part of this GUI component is a tree that maps the openMDM® data structure. In a user or application-specific view, data from several ODS sources can be displayed. The user can open any nodes in the tree at the same time. In front of the nodes are ODS usual icons. If the name of a tree element is longer than the set width of the navigator, the GUI provides a scrollbar.
  • Detailed View: The Detailed View is used to display the metadata of a selected test object. The following test objects are distinguished: Project, Subproject, Test and Teststep. An test object can be selected either in the navigation tree or in the shopping basket (see below). The corresponding metadata are grouped on tabs. For example, the grouping can be done according to test equipment, unit under test and test setup. The number of tabs can be expanded at any time by configuration.


Figure: openMDM® 5 Web Client in German language

  • Shopping Basket: In the Shopping Basket, test objects can be collected for the later execution of actions (for example, export). The test objects come either from the navigation tree (see above) or from the search results (see below). It is possible to store Shopping Baskets in the system or to load exported Shopping Baskets into the system. The user gets a list of actions he can carry out with the data selected in the Shopping Basket.
  • Search: Within the search, attribute-based search queries can be defined for one or more data sources. All the data objects and attributes available in the system are available to the user. In addition, the system offers him a full-text search. The search results of the full-text search can be filtered with the defined values and operators of the attribute-based search. The user can also configure which attributes he would like to display in the results table.

The enhancement of the openMDM® 5 Web Client is carried out in close coordination with the architecture and quality committee of the openMDM® EWG. BMW and Peak Solution assume that the publication of the work results under the EPL (Eclipse Public License) takes place in the first half of 2017.


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