Test planning for filter and motor development at MAHLE

The internal test department of MAHLE Technologies Holding in Shanghai carries out tests for numerous development departments of the automotive supplier. In addition to a large number of test rigs, test preparation facilities such as climatic chambers or seawater basins are also used. Furthermore, there are a variety of measuring devices for tensile and compressive strength as well as for sealing. Moreover, the work plans of the test engineers as well as the specimen must be managed. External clients often provide the latter. A lack of transparency about the availability of the various resources made the planning in the past cumbersome and error-prone, particularly in the case of extensive design verification plans (DVPs).

Against this backdrop, there has been long-term considerations to purchase a software for the management and scheduling of test resources. After a few meetings with the branch office of Peak Solution in Shanghai and a test installation, the managers at MAHLE were convinced that the use of Peak Resource Planner is the right choice.

They quickly developed further ideas on how to use the Peak Resource Planner to better support the processes in the test laboratory. Here the Module “Order Planning” played a central role. This means the overall project management for all tests and test procedures, which are necessary in the context of a product development. The test engineers define here what must be tested in which order, taking into account preparatory or accompanying work steps. For example, they combine required maintenance and calibration work with the test runs. At the same time, they plan the personnel resources for the test. The test is then scheduled, based on the resource availability.

In addition, the Peak Resource Planner informs the test engineers about the current status of the test execution and supports the documentation of the test results.

Altogether, the solution now covers a large part of the entire test lab management at MAHLE in Shanghai.


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