Management of measurement data in motor development at DAF Trucks N.V.

Looking for an efficient solution for the management of measurement data in motor development, DAF Trucks N.V. has decided to count on openMDM®. The decisive factor was, that openMDM® is an open, manufacturer-independent software platform that enables its users to implement domain specific measurement data management solutions economically and in a forward-compatible way. In addition, the software is based on the ODS standard (Open Data Service) of the ASAM (Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems, The generic data model of ODS provides DAF Trucks with a reliable and at the same time flexibly expandable basis for the long-term usability and comparability of test data.

In addition to the application-specific adaption and introduction of openMDM®, DAF entrusts Peak Solution with developing import interfaces for the project management system TRACKS and the testbed automation system AVL PUMA: Using the PUMA import interface, the solution for example transfers measurement data from different engine testbeds directly and efficiently into the central measurement data management system openMDM®.

Peak Solution has also developed a complementary full text search module for openMDM®, consisting of a server and a client component. The new function makes it possible to perform a search in the openMDM® database without requiring profound knowledge of specific data attributes and terminology. Many users know this from searching the internet (more information).

Furthermore, Peak Solution implemented an E-mail notification service that actively informs users of new data in the system.

“Our current measurement data management system based on openMDM® makes sure that we can reproduce test rows in engine development without any problems at any time and also interpret the results securely and without any user-related data,” says Robert Geerts, engine testing engineer at DAF Trucks N.V. in Eindhoven. “With the support of Peak Solution, we have created a solution based on open standards and software which is optimally tailored to the requirements of our engine department within a very short time.”

Further applications based on openMDM have already been implemented. We will report on it at a given time.


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