BigODS project examples

Automotive companies generate large amounts of test data from various sources such as test benches, simulations, driving and field tests. This data volume is growing exponentially day-by-day. Because traditional solutions reach their performance limits, the industry is dealing for some time with the question of how Big Data technologies can be beneficially used in the field of test data management and analysis. Frequently the companies desire to enhance established standards like ASAM ODS gradually.

The development of index-based search methods as well as new query and analysis techniques for ODS data are two concrete project examples.

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Approaches for global test data management based on openMDM® 4

More and more car manufacturers and suppliers require solutions for enterprise-wide, multi-side test data management. Against this background, Peak Solution has investigated different ways to implement a global access to test data  based on openMDM® 4.

During the investigation, Peak ODS Server was used for data storage in “mixed mode”. This means metadata (= test and measurement descriptions) is stored in an Oracle database, while mass data is stored in binary files (ASAM MDF) on a file share. The database holds in the course of this a pointer to the external storage location.

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