openMDM® 5: Fundamentals of Architecture (Part 2)

The openMDM® Eclipse Working Group is developing intensively on openMDM® 5. Basis for this is a completely new multi-layer architecture. The graph below gives an overview.

The MDM Components shown there make different functionalities available, such as data navigation, search and selection. There are two types of MDM Components: Rich and Headless. The distinction is made solely regarding the UI capabilities that a component may expose. Rich components deliver at least one UI part based on the Remote Presentation Model Pattern. Headless components do not expose an UI part.

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MDF4 data sorter and header extractor

For the handling of MDF4 files with an ASAM ODS Server sorted MDF4 data and structural information on the MDF4 file is required.

The openMDM® Eclipse Working Group has made a software available, which sorts MDF4 data in a suitable way and extracts structural information from a given MDF4 file. The structural information is provided as an ATFx file, which can easily be imported to an ODS server or used by other applications to gain structured access to the MDF4 file.