How FEV handels large amounts of test data

FEV is one of the leading international automotive R&D service providers in the field of drive technology and combustion engines in particular. The company also counts vehicle integration, transmission equipment, chassis, electronics and electric drives to its competencies. Accordingly, it carries out various tests at different locations. As a result, volume and complexity of data collected is rapidly growing year by year.

For the management of this large amount of test data FEV decided use openMDM® 4 and Peak ODS Server. The decisive factor for this decision was that the versatility, reliability and scalability of these two software products offers a high level of guaranteed future.

At the same time, the responsible at FEV were aware that a transparent and efficient management of a wide variety of test data requires also standardized processes during the test preparation phase. Therefore, the commissioning process of tests were standardized. Today, the key element for these process is the “test planner” module in openMDM® 4. It allows systemizing test preparation in such a way that by means of the metadata created here, the measurement data recorded later can be used more purposefully.

The openMDM® 4 “test planner“ provides users with predefined templates to describe tests. In doing this, it optimizes the processing of recurring sequences. The templates define which attributes a test engineer must use to describe test specimens, measuring equipment and measuring parameters as well as the test steps. The application distinguishes between constant and variable test information. All this information constitutes metadata, which a test engineer can later use for thematic classification, navigation, exploration and search of test data, as well as for comparing measurement results. The completeness and correctness of this metadata is therefore an essential prerequisite for managing large amounts of test data.

Detailed test descriptions, however, have one significant disadvantage from the perspective of test engineers: they are time-consuming! For this reason, a solution was developed to make test descriptions more efficient for test engineers. With the so-called “data source plugin“, describing data can now be taken over from already existing tests. In this way, new test descriptions can be compiled very quickly from existing tests. Taking over data from other applications – such as the test parts or test equipment management systems – is possible at all times.

Currently openMDM® 4 systems are running at Aachen and Brehna location of FEV. At each side multiple Peak ODS Servers are in operation. For example, at Aachen 1 ODS server is responsible for operating the openMDM® clients with about 70 concurrent user and 2 additional servers for the continuing import of test data from several test benches. Here daily about 11 GByte of channel data are imported into the system. FEV is planning to gradually add further worldwide locations in the future.


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