openMDM® 5: Fundamentals of Architecture (Part 1)

In July 2015 the openMDM® Eclipse Working Group (EWG) was founded by AUDI AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG. Further founding members were the software companies GIGATRONIK GmbH, science + computing AG, Canoo Engineering AG, HighQSoft GmbH and Peak Solution GmbH.

The openMDM® EWG helps to channel the diverse requirements for openMDM® 5 better, making it possible to initiate, plan and jointly fund Eclipse open source projects for new developments and improvements, as well as to maintain the openMDM® 5 software components.

The first concrete outcome of the work of openMDM® EWG was the new architectural concept of openMDM® 5, which was published in autumn 2015.

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Added value by linking up existing data stores

Test systems and CAE applications are very specific in terms of navigation and presentation of results. Equally diverse are the underlying data formats and database structures for storing test results, simulation models, calibration parameters, test parts and measuring equipment. With the help of an intelligent link layer (for example a Data Communication Bus) it is possible to connect these different “worlds” together.

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ASAM ODS: A proven standard for measurement data management

With ODS (Open Data Services) the ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) provides since many years a standard, that has proven itself as a basis for the management of measurement data. Well-known companies all over the world use this standard. These include Audi, AVL, BMW, Bosch, Daimler, GM, Honda, Horiba, MTU, Porsche, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Tata Motors, Toyota and many others.

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How FEV handels large amounts of test data

FEV is one of the leading international automotive R&D service providers in the field of drive technology and combustion engines in particular. The company also counts vehicle integration, transmission equipment, chassis, electronics and electric drives to its competencies. Accordingly, it carries out various tests at different locations. As a result, volume and complexity of data collected is rapidly growing year by year.

For the management of this large amount of test data FEV decided use openMDM® 4 and Peak ODS Server. The decisive factor for this decision was that the versatility, reliability and scalability of these two software products offers a high level of guaranteed future.

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Peak Solution at Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart 2016

In the center of Peak Solution´s trade show apperance from May 31 to June 2 were new product developments relating to Peak Resource Planner and Peak ODS Server as well as examples of use for openMDM®. With this Peak Solution addressed in particular car manufacturers and suppliers who not only want to make a fast-growing volume of measuring data available for use across different sites, but who are also interested in harmonizing the planning processes of testing and fully utilizing test resources that are spread all over the world. As a long-term ASAM member (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems), Peak Solution is putting its trust in the tried and tested ODS standard (Open Data Services) in combination with modern Big Data technologies.

Making existing knowledge transparent with Big Data search engines

Test and simulation departments of vehicle manufacturers and suppliers generate daily large amounts of data. This data provides valuable knowledge, which contributes significantly to the product quality and thus improve competitiveness. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to manage this knowledge across the enterprise and use it selectively. The reason: test and simulation results are stored in many different applications at various locations all over the world and often can not or only with great effort be found and linked. Manual searches are becoming a kind of “time thief” and usually do not provide a complete overview of the available information. Knowledge that could provide the decisive advantage over competitors can not be used.

However, there are solutions available that make it possible to manage and exploratory browse large amounts of data from the test and simulation environment. In addition to established standards such as ASAM ODS and openMDM® this includes increasingly Big Data technologies.

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