Make test results with ASAM ODS and openMDM® usable in the long term

Technical departments that test electronic or mechanical components, assemblies or entire vehicles generally document their results very conscientiously. Nevertheless in most companies these “treasures” are kept in isolated applications on a departmental basis. This means: no overall transparency, unnecessary costs due to multiple tests, and valuable knowledge remains unused. What would an IT solution for test management look like that makes measurement data available company-wide, and for many years?

An inportant prerequisite to be able to find, interpred and compare test data in the long term is meta information. This means: The data from different test systems need to be systematically documented wiht descriptive information. Using this, it is possible to evaluate the professional, organizational and technical context in which specific data have been produced. This context includes for example a detailed description of the unit under test, test equipment and test sequence as well as order-related data.

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